My fiancé surprised me with a spa date for my birthday in March. I had a really great experience for the most part. The spa itself is small with rooms close together but very quiet and relaxing. My fiancé and I both decided to go for their signature massage which came with a hot stones.
The massage itself was great though a little harder/tougher than I expected? I’d ask for lighter pressure but it wasn’t much light. I think maybe I’m just kind of a wimp when it comes to pressure? I don’t get massages often so maybe it’s usually like this. My fiancé and I were a little sore the next day after the massage.
The only downside to my appt is that my masseuse left a couple of times for some reason and she and the masseuse for my fiancé also were talking/laughing during a certain portion of the massage and it was a bit distracting.

Overall I really did enjoy my time here and it was a lovely surprise. I would probably give them another chance if I’m in the area.