The Basics-Simple Swedish

This simple Swedish massage is a combination of flowing long strokes bringing tranquility to the mind and body.

$100  $80  per hour

*Feel like it’s too short?  Let’s try 90 mins for $150  $120

*Wish to stay but don’t have time? 30 min-sessions available only for specific area work for $60


Swedish+Deep tissue: tailored, “knot-gone,” and “good hurt”

Firm and deep pressure applied to specific muscles to relieve tension and muscular discomfort for better blood circulation and sleep. This style brings together relaxation effects from Swedish massage and knot releases from targeted areas.

$120 $90 per hour



Prenatal Massage: peace of mind, healthy, and stress-free

This massage is designed to help ease the back, neck, shoulders, and low-back pain. Prenatal Massage is one of the most natural and gentle ways to healthy and happy moms-to-be and their babies helping to ease body discomfort and improve sleep.

$130 per hour

Note: Recommended for second trimester, please consult with healthcare professionals before booking.


UPGRAGE Your Massage

available for all massage types
  • ADD-ON Essential Oil of your choice : $20
  • ADD-ON CBD oil :  $35 
  • ADD-ON Hot Stones: $20 



$120 for 60mins- $180 for 90mins

Add-on 30mins Scrubs to any massage session for only $60

Our Body Scrubs session include 30mins Swedish Massage and 30mins organic honey and sugar Scrubs. This session will provide smoother and younger looking skin bringing back the glow.



Enjoy A Spa Day to the fullest…

What’s better than a massage? A massage-facial combination! This package combines The Basic Massage with a refresh Facial  for a smoother and more rejuvenated looking skin, a truly complete relaxation of body and mind.

$220 for 100 mins session

Note: Temporarily unavailable due to Covid


  • Any service is offered in our Couples Massage session.  
  • Add-on options are availbale to all massage types
  • Sauna Bath is included in every session-Temporarily unavailable due to Covid

All discounts are based on original prices and can’t be combined with other discounts, vouchers, and offers.

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